I have many demands on my time, which I value, and I want to be able to share my time as best possible. To do this I have to use a set of rules. These rules are not to try and keep you from interacting with me, but to increase the quality of our interaction.

Why haven't you answered my email?

I only check email if I am going to take the time to read and deal with all the unread email in my inbox. This happens only a few times a day. My job is to try and contribute to scientific research, not get dopamine spikes from checking my inbox. If you haven't heard back from me within 48 hours, send your email again. If you're a student of mine and you haven't heard back from me within 24 hours, send your email again.

Can you do this thing for me right now? It is really quick.

Check my schedule. If I am free, then sure, let's talk about it. If I have anything scheduled currently — especially reading — then no. I schedule my work each day specifically so that I can devote my full attention to it then, and then fully give my attention to people and other projects in the time not scheduled.

What does a particle physicist have in their pockets/bag?

I try to keep things pretty functional and only have the things I know I'm going to use on a daily basis

  • Pockets
    • 0.5 mm tip black pen
    • Field Notes 5 mm graph paper memo book (for notes and back of envelope calculations)
    • KeySmart
    • smartphone (with OmniFocus installed)
    • handkerchief
  • Bag
    • laptop (running Ubuntu Linux) and power cords
    • tablet with Mendeley and Papers (for reading/finding papers) and GoodReader (for text books) installed
    • assorted data and power cables
    • headphones
    • the PDG pocket handbook
    • yellow legal pad (for calculations)
  • Hands
    • Coffee

What are the tools that enable you to do science?

As an experimental particle physicist most of my tools are software, and almost all of it is open source.